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American Habits in Japan

Has anyone had the experience of living abroad and taking on the same habits as you do back home? I mean, I want to eat sushi, ramen, curry rice, and many other traditional Japanese foods while in Japan, and before taking this trip I thought I indefinitely would. However, I find myself often eating “Americanized Japanese food” if not fully American food. While on this trip what I miss and crave the most is New York style pizza. Japan just isn’t doing the pizza right, unless its a chain restaurant like Dominoes or this place in Shibuya, Tokyo I found called Pizza Slice that focuses on New York style pizza as its specialty. After writing this post, I am shedding some focus on this situation and hopefully will begin fully taking advantage of the fresh Japanese traditional foods here in Japan.

The one Japanese food I eat the most of while here is onigiri. They can be found at a local conbini (convenience shop) like Seven Eleven and are usually 130 yen which is equivalent to $1.30. For a snack or after a long night, they can be pretty satisfying and are quick to prepare and are absolutely oishii – delicious! The second thing I eat the most of is Cup Noodles at home since they are quick, cheap, and easy to prepare, but I dont think this can really be considered as “Japanese food.” But they do help me to stay on budget while in Japan!

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