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Atarashikute furuii Nihon (New and old Japan)

A trip to Kyoto, Japan is not without the sight of men and women, the young and old, donning traditional Japanese wear. My first trip to Kyoto was filled with awe at this fusion of old Japan with the contemporary one. More so, skyscrapers and foreign architecture sit adjacent to shrines and temples that have existed for years.

In fact, I have learned that Kyoto was once Japan’s capital (now known as The Old Capital). While it is no longer the nation’s capital, it is still a flourishing city with a Manhattan, New York feel. There is something new to be discovered each time I visit Kyoto, from the kakigori or shaved ice desserts and kimonos to the clear river waters and green mountaintops bathed in fog.

The people are friendly and courteous, the food delightful, and the scenes are a true reflection of nature’s beauty.

With each new day, I find myself longing to see and experience more of this unique culture. Japan has a way of upholding its traditions yet welcoming what is new and foreign. Perhaps that is why I have felt such comfort and peace here.