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Arriving to South America!

November 14, 2016 Three summers ago, I was researching study abroad programs in Brazil. My curiosity for Brazil sparked from the media representation of the country, such as music videos with Brazilian settings, the movie UP which focused more on South America, and the fact that the FIFA World Cup[…]

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First Week in Tokyo, Japan

I officially have been in Tokyo for a week and I am completely in the honeymoon phase with the city. Japan’s amazing society rules, that the Japanese people follow so diligently and effortless, create convenience to their lives. The Japanese culture value the quality of life; and just for the individual[…]

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My preparation to go abroad

Increasing competitiveness is part of the modern world. Every human being has to set goals and make personal sacrifices in order to make a difference. Education is the most influential tool for making progress in your personal growth that will help you to make a difference in the world, but[…]

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Fears, Tingling, and Unknown

There are many fears that can arise when someone asks you, “Is this your first study abroad?” You feel a tingle in your toes and then it slowly winds up your legs, up your spine, spiraling until it lands on your neck. You realize that you actually will experience what[…]

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Why I am excited to go to Copenhagen

Hi, I’m Estrella, and I’m headed to Denmark! Denmark is my choice for study abroad because I have been an environmentalist since 5th grade, and have had a desire to be a master builder since the age of three. Danish modern and traditional design have had a big impact on[…]

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