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Saru no kouen (Monkey Park)

I am currently studying abroad in Osaka, Japan; last week I visited Iwatayama no Saru no Kouen (Iwatayama Monkey Park) in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The park is home to over 170 Japanese macaque monkeys. It sits atop a mountain that takes about 20 minutes or more to climb. When I finally[…]

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Kireina Kobe (Beutiful Kobe)

Two weeks ago, my friends and I visited the beautiful city of Kobe. I learned that in 1995, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the city and left most of it in shambles. A decade later and Kobe looked, to me, as if nothing had happened. When I visited the city’s[…]

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Shika no Nara (Deer Nara)

A couple of weeks ago I went to Nara, which is famous for its large population of shika (deer). They like to get up close and personal with you and ferocious when they know you have food. My friend and I happened across a deer fight on our way to[…]

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A Dream Come True

My time in Japan has been wonderful. The people are so accommodating and kind; their services are outstanding too. Did you know that Japan has outside vending machines on almost every block? What’s more, the streets are spotless but you can walk for miles without seeing a trashcan. Coming from[…]

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Last month I went to a Co-Op about twenty minutes from my house in Makino, Osaka. Families and individual salespersons were spread out across a parking lot bustling with thrift shoppers. As I made my way around the lot, I came across really cool antiques like an ammunition key chain,[…]

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Atarashikute furuii Nihon (New and old Japan)

A trip to Kyoto, Japan is not without the sight of men and women, the young and old, donning traditional Japanese wear. My first trip to Kyoto was filled with awe at this fusion of old Japan with the contemporary one. More so, skyscrapers and foreign architecture sit adjacent to[…]

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