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First few weeks/Family visit

Hola a todos! Wow these past few weeks have been amazing! I have gotten used to living here in BA including the nice sunny weather, lots of cafes, and friendly people. Also I have gotten used to some of the not so glamorous aspects of city living such as the[…]

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My Rickshaw Ride in Hyderabad, India

Rickshaw Ride Currently, I am studying in Hyderabad, India and one of my main modes of transportation is rickshaw, which is a 3 wheeled motorcycle-car-contraption. You must haggle with the driver who will for sure try to rip you off! As you can see in the video, there are many[…]

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Prague Returnee Feelings

I’m back in the states! After four months in Europe, I have resumed my life at American University in Washington D.C. My immediate reaction to be back was sadness. I had just left a beautiful country and an amazing program for another stressful semester in the district. I was excited[…]

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