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Semester at Sea 2016: It’s today!!

  So it’s today. I’m so excited I feel like I can hardly breathe! But it’s only 8:20…and I cannot board until 11:00. So until then, I’m left to continue to wander the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. Getting here was hectic—I forgot my bank card only after arriving at[…]

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Culture Shock

Have you ever traveled within your own country just to find out that every single place you visit has its own norms? Imagine how it feels to fly thousands and thousands of miles away from home. At first, when you travel abroad, especially for the first time, you tend to[…]

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End of Studying Abroad in Japan!

After returning home after my first time overseas, I really do understand now what people mean by how travel changes a person. In my closing video, I try to hold back tears of post travel blues while realizing that I have a deep passion to live in Japan for the[…]

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American Habits in Japan

Has anyone had the experience of living abroad and taking on the same habits as you do back home? I mean, I want to eat sushi, ramen, curry rice, and many other traditional Japanese foods while in Japan, and before taking this trip I thought I indefinitely would. However, I[…]

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One month left in Japan!

So as you might have guessed from my last post, I did decide to extend my trip an extra 2 months for the 90 days I am permitted to stay overseas on a tourist visa. Since prolonging my stay, many doors have opened up. I have been given job offers[…]

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