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All Rivers Lead to the Ocean

Last weekend, I did something I hardly ever do: I went hiking with my relatives. We drove to the Narrows of the Green River, up in the mountains of North Carolina. Forested and winding, the path we took shrank and expanded as it followed the river upstream to a series[…]

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I Have Returned

Hey guys I have returned from the Land Down Under. It was an amazing experience and I made lifelong friends. I am already trying to plan a trip back to Perth, Australia as soon as I can. I’ve recorded a returnee video for everyone to checkout. Thanks for following on[…]

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Pre-departure Jitters

  Hello World! My name is Maryanne (I go by Mary), and I am going to be making a drastic kind of planned and unplanned adventure in my college career. Between the semesters of Fall 2016 and Spring of 2017, I will be studying at Yonsei University, in Seoul, South[…]

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Portugal, Brazil and Peanut Butter: An Intro

Hello everyone! My name is Diana Arteaga, I’m a first generation college student, Mexican-American, and I study Sociology at UC Berkeley. I’m so excited to serve as a Diversity Abroad Ambassador for my time abroad! I’m going to be studying abroad for my entire senior year and I’m going to[…]

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Dominican Republic Trip

Since I had previously traveled abroad, I had minimum concerns about my trip to the Dominican Republic. I was not worried about what and how to pack, or even the Zika Virus. I have to be honest though my trip started off crazy. My teacher missed her flight from Birmingham,[…]

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The biggest problem I had in the Dominican Republic was the language barrier. Before last summer I had not taken a Spanish class since 10th grade in high school. I have always thought Spanish was a hard language to learn although most people beg to differ. On Sunday all of[…]

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