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T-minus 121 Days until Semester at Sea

This is the first blog I’ve ever written not only for Diversity Abroad but EVER! Here’s a few snip bits about myself. My name is Michaela Valk, I’m currently 19 years old and an upcoming Junior at the University of San Diego who is planning to major in Business Administration[…]

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Life has suddenly hit me hard with academics. I think many of us come abroad to experience something different than our often fast-paste living lifestyle in the U.S., but once here we actually forget that this is not just a vacation, this is STUDYING abroad. Last week I took my[…]

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Back Home!

After four months of traveling on the most incredible journey to 13 countries all around the world, I’m finally home. I am incredibly thankful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity but I am also very happy to be back with my family. As happy as I am, though,[…]

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Ready to Nihon-GO!

Konnichiwa! Here we Nihon-GO! Cash-san signing on. Here marks the final few days before my study abroad in Japan (or Nihon) and I’m feeling overwhelmed. Up until this point, I thought I was unstoppable. I’d been accepted to this program and my travel preparations were going smoothly. Recently, however, something[…]

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