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Cruising the Mediterranean!


October 10th, 2016

I have just finished voyaging some of Europe! I’ve visited Paris, Berlin, Greece, Italy, and Spain!


Italy and Spain were amazing!


While in Italy, I went to Rome on the first day we ported. I visited the Trevi fountain, threw a coin over my head, and made a wish! I had authentic Italian pizza with wine, and then some Gelato while on our way to visit the Spanish Steps! We visited the Colosseum right after, and it was really cool to feel a part of that history.


I also visited Vatican city, where I attended a mass given by the pope! It was an amazing experience, since it’s an opportunity not much of my community back home can partake in, and it meant a lot to me, being raised Catholic.


The last few days there were spent going to Florence, seeing the cool architecture there and then cruising over to Pisa where I took pictures by the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Barcelona was not what I expected. I started by visiting an NGO that helps transition young pregnant or foster women into society. I learned a lot from the women in the organization and Inam curious to see if we have similar services back home. We visited the Gothic Quarters, Las Ramblas block, and the food market, La Boqueria. My favorite part of Barcelona was visiting La Sagrada Familia. Going inside and seeing it all was one of the best decisions made! The intricate designs had me astonished, and I felt very lucky to be seeing it all. I also visited Park Güell. The view from the top was incredible. Gaudí’s art is breathtaking!


I am currently on my way to Morocco, and the tides are high on the ship. It’s making me seasick. Life on the ship is getting a little busier but I enjoy every moment of it. I am also a bit homesick but luckily, I found a community on the ship that I surround myself with during these times.


Leaning Tower of Pisa At Park Guell