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My First Blog Post!

I leave for India in exactly 31 days.

I leave for India in exactly 31 days.

Even if I repeat this phrase over and over again, it still feels unreal. I can’t believe that I leave for India in exactly 31 days and still, so much needs to be done! First and foremost, school work. I have so much work to do! So many essays and projects are due in the next 2 weeks that whenever someone asks about India, I can’t comprehend because I can’t see past the big heap of school work that I have to complete first! I try not to live in the future but it’s so difficult to stay in the present, especially in this situation! My present is work and school but my future is high 80s, dry humidity, and adventure in the country of my dreams. But I have to stay focused!

But it doesn’t stop at work. I am currently trying to attain my Visa, which is more difficult than I thought! Who knew so much information is needed! After a week of collecting all of the necessary materials, I finally submitted in everything today! I literally ran from a Staples on 34th Street back to 31st and 5th Avenue today, which is where the Travisa office is located, about three times in the rain and snow, pushing people out of the way so I could have everything in place! Even with all of the help and instructions from CIEE, the Visa application is a long and hair-racking process that is made to seem easy but really requires focused diligence!

We also can’t forget about packing! Luckily, the weather in India is what my body is craving right now and I can’t wait to get feel the 80 degree weather against my skin. So packing clothes won’t be an issue and thanks to my Dean, I have a place to store my winter clothes! So all I need to do is to pack up my clothes and gather together my much needed items, like Go-Girl, speakers, and disposable camera! But as usual, I will get my mother to get all of that together because my mother is the best at these types of things! She buys things that even I never think of!

I have already started to think about gifts for my loved ones! But I think about this whenever I want to procrastinate and not do work! The list is growing long whenever I mention to people that I am going to India!

I can’t wait! I have many things to do but I am very excited to do it all!