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Kireina Kobe (Beutiful Kobe)

Kobe Port

Two weeks ago, my friends and I visited the beautiful city of Kobe. I learned that in 1995, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the city and left most of it in shambles. A decade later and Kobe looked, to me, as if nothing had happened.

When I visited the city’s port, however, I saw evidence of the destruction. There were lopsided lampposts and broken rubble being lapped by the ebb and flow of the ocean waves.

We had arrived just in time for the sunset, and what a beautiful sight it was! Despite the history of this place, I felt a sense of tranquility as I watched the pinks and purples spread across the horizon.

The view from Kobe Tower was breathtaking. I gave up snapping pictures to rest my chin in my hands and gaze out at the horizon; I wanted to absorb all that I was seeing before I left this beautiful place.