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Last month I went to a Co-Op about twenty minutes from my house in Makino, Osaka. Families and individual salespersons were spread out across a parking lot bustling with thrift shoppers. As I made my way around the lot, I came across really cool antiques like an ammunition key chain, traditional Japanese tea sets, intricately designed coin purposes, floral vases, watches with Japanese symbols, old game boys, and old currency from Japan’s Edo period, over 300 years old!!!

I bought what is, according to my host dad, a 300-year-old coin worth around $500 today. The salesman told us that the currency, ranging from high value bills to low value coins, once belonged to his grandmother; to him it is worth the cost I paid for it, but to me it is a memorandum of the experience I am having in Japan.

This postcard was bought from a salesman who said his wife drew and painted it by hand. The album of postcards he had was almost empty!

I truly value experiences like these. When you meet new people and hear about some aspect of their life it makes you feel connected to them in some way.

I just wanted to share this experience and hope you enjoyed reading it.