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One month left in Japan!

So as you might have guessed from my last post, I did decide to extend my trip an extra 2 months for the 90 days I am permitted to stay overseas on a tourist visa. Since prolonging my stay, many doors have opened up. I have been given job offers and since I am in Japan, it is a bit easier for me to land a job say within a teaching position because I can participate in a face to face interview. So because of this asset, I am using it to my fullest advantage. Just to think, this same day last year I created a GoFundMe campaign to begin gathering funds from friends and family to be able to come to Japan. Exactly one year later, I am here and many blessings are coming from this trip. I am so thankful for the financial support I have received from Diversity Abroad and my friends and family to be able to take part in this outstanding journey!

And for anyone else who has a passion to study abroad and/or travel, whether it be Japan or another country, I say have a plan, stick to it, and execute it. There will be opportunities waiting at the door for you, such as Diversity Abroad to help with the expenses. Never let lack of finances stop you from achieving your dreams!