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Pre-Departure Journal

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Thanksgiving and soon it’ll be Christmas. Although I know that I’m going to miss seeing all of my college friends over break, I am also looking forward to the upcoming Spring semester when I’ll be studying abroad. Through AIFS, I will be studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I could not be more thrilled for where I will be in a matter of months! I still have a lot to do between now and then, but it is finally all starting to feel real. I think the day when I find out who my host family will be is when it will finally hit that yes, I will actually be living in South America. Although I will miss my family here, I am also excited to start to build a second family in Argentina.

Thus far, I have started making a packing list, practicing my Spanish speaking more, getting all my prescriptions together and filled, looking into places to visit, applying for a visa, and thinking of host family gifts to give when I arrive. One thing though that I have not done yet it buy my ticket, but I will be sure to do that this weekend.

These past few weeks I have started to realize all the great friends that I am going to be missing for a semester and wondering how I will maintain those relationships when I am gone. Of course I will skype my best friend and family every once in a while, but I also want to be free to go out when invited and not have to worry about skyping. Also, I thought of the idea to write all my close friends and my family letters before I go. This is going to be an experience like I have never had before and I cannot be more thrilled to start it. So I guess that is all for now, but I’ll be sure to write before I depart. Chau for now!