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Seasickness and Homesickness while on SAS

I’ve been on the ship for over 3 months and I have only recently experienced seasickness and homesickness. While they are different I have found the similarities Since embarkation and through out the voyage I have heard of people experiencing both but I couldn’t relate until now.

In the middle of the Pacific, the ship sways with the waves in unison. It calms me and I can easily fall asleep being rocked by the sea. It is a beautiful lullaby created by innocently by nature; however, sometimes when the winds shift this lullaby can transform into a aggressive rock song that blares through the ears of everyone around causing discomfort. It is silent in it’s impending attack, one minute the waves are calm and the next is filled with nausea and fatigue. A good way to battle through this sickness, for me because everyone is different, is to transform ones mind to a place of peace, get away from the noise, and take deep breaths. The body is abruptly moving in a way it is not used to causing shock. Therefore, one must train it to respond positively to the new feeling and eventually it is easy to handle.

Homesickness is very similar. I would be in a situation that I wish I could share with my family and friends back home. For instance, I missed Thanksgiving this year, my family normally goes to Nashville to spend it with my family there (I love Nashville) and we would have a lot of food, dancing, and games all night long. Then we would stay up for Black Friday and shop until morning. I would always feel so close to my family during these trips. When I thought about this moment I was in Peru, towards the later part of our voyage, and I felt a tightening in my chest and the strongest urge to quickly pack my bags and go home. I feel like I’m missing out on so much. My little brother is a Senior this year and I missed his homecoming (he’s a basketball player) and I saw the picture of him dressed up with his date, he looks so much like a man. My niece is also growing up so fast, my friend says she’s talking more and her personality is getting stronger. I’m normally the one in my family to decorate the house for Christmas while jamming out to Christmas music and eating cookies with egg nog. It’s the little things I miss the most. Both seasickness and homesickness can have effects on traveling but I have grown so much from this voyage. I am stronger, more confident, and more open to exploring the unknown. I will be proud to call myself a Semester at Sea Alumni when I get off the ship and the sea and homesickness is part of the experience.