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Semester At Sea: My First Week on the Ship!

Since embarking the MS World Odyssey, most of my time has been occupied with settling in, meetings and classes, yes, classes have begun on the ship since Monday, and it is intense!

No weekends, lots of readings, tests, papers, field work, but nonetheless, I’m having a great time!

It is amazing waking up to sunrise everyday (since I have 8am classes everyday on the ship), and to watch the sunsets too, my personal favorite!

It is quite the experience living and interacting with people on the ship, I am not very social, while most people on the ship seem to be contrary. It is definately a challenge, although I am slowly working on establishing my community on the ship.

Before embarking on the ship, I travelled to Paris and Berlin. I visited the eiffel tower, the DuLouvre Museum (where the Mona Lisa is located) and in Berlin I visited the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Museum and Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the East Side Gallery, which is an art gallery painted on the East Berlin Wall.

While in Greece, I’ve brushed up on some Greek mythology, visited Athena’s Parthenon, took a ferry to Ydra island which was beautiful, and had traditional Greek structure. I also engaged with Students from Deree University and learned about the Greek Education systems.

I’ve been learning and growing so much already, and it’s only been two weeks since I left home!

My most impactful lessons lately have been the lectures and conversations on the refugee crisis. At some point, we were sailing waters that refugees cross, and from the ship, Africa and Middle Eastern lands were very visible. It makes this whole situation very real.

This whole experience so far has been amazing, and I can’t wait to embark on the next 9 ports!

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In Hydra, Greece

In Hydra, Greece

Sunsets on the ship

Sunsets on the ship

Boarding the ship for the first time