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dscn2061At my home university I am in three organizations on top of being a full time student and working almost 30 hours a week. My schedule was always packed but I liked that my time was always filled and I wasn’t wasting my life away being watching the latest Netflix series. Before I arrived on the ship, I thought SAS wouldn’t offer a lot of opportunities to be involved and while I knew they would have some student life I wasn’t expecting the vast amounts of clubs that presented themselves and that I would be interested in so many of them. There is almost always a meeting to go to or something to prepare for on the ship like the Cultural show, the Talent show, and most recently the Sea Olympics. The Cultural show was an opportunity for our shipboard community to experience the different cultures on the ship. There was African dancing, Singapore singing, a Brazilian rap and much more. Ahh the beginning of the voyage each couple of halls are put in a sea (I am in Baltic) and thats are small community within the shipboard community. The Sea Olympics is where each sea competes against each other in games like limbo, bread eating, water pong and so on. Which every sea wins (Baltic sea won) they get to be the first group off the ship in San Diego. It was a time where we all came together, especially after the ship divided due to the election results, and acted as a family. There is also the random fun day called Neptune day where we celebrate that we crossed the equator and the halfway point of the voyage. Ship life has a lot to offer although we are in the middle of the ocean with no where to go. SAS wanted to make sure that we had plenty to entertain us and they succeeded. There are letters almost every night on topics related to our next port or to educate us in general. They also show movies on the loop and in different rooms on the ship. Sometimes I have to go outside and take a look around because I forget that I am on a ship, especially when we are at sea for an extended amount of time. The food can get repetitive so we have a Bar on the 9th deck that serves burgers, fries, pizza, smoothies,etc. It comes in handy when you’ve taken all the pasta and potatoes you can stomach. There is also a juice bar where we have healthy snack options. Overall, there is a lot of appreciate about the MV World Odyssey and I feel blessed to have called her my home for the last couple of months.  img_1705